Properly is a prop trading company on the forex market. Our goal is to look for people who would like to become a trader and earn long-term profit on the forex market. As part of the cooperation, we offer the necessary knowledge, strategy and capital.

Proptrading is a popular business model among companies that invest in financial markets. These types of companies provide company capital to people who use this capital to trade on the stock exchange. The company provides traders with the necessary tools. As a result, the company has risk diversification and more stable profits. the trader bears no financial risk. In return, he gives part of the profits to the company that he generates.

Wisepro Foctral Limited is registered in the European Union in Cyprus.

Properly is meaning of the two words: Prop-trading and Properly. Proptrading is related to our business model. The word “properly” means “proper.” Our company’s mission is to teach traders how to PROPERLY trade on the stock exchange to earn long-term profit.

The forex market is the largest market in the world with a daily turnover of 5 trillion dollars. As a result it’s a stable and smooth market. Moreover, it’s immune to crises. The currency market is characterized by the fact that it’s a balance of two forces, so a currency is always in trend. As opposed to, for example, the stock market, where we are dealing with booms and busts.


The training packages have been divided into 3 categories.

MINI Package:

Includes access to e-books that introduce you to technical analysis and Forex trading. They present the Properly philosophy and the strategy that we trade in the company. Additionally each person who uses our offer will receive lifetime access to a closed group on Facebook.


Includes the same as the MINI package and 5 hours of individual mentoring.

MAX package:

Includes the

Learning to trade takes time – we know that very well. That’s why we don’t organize group training. Each person has different experiences and expectations. Therefore we work individually with each of them. Mentoring can be carried out at any time and in any scope. It’s not necessary to use up all the hours at once. 

Mentoring is carried out through:

1. Meeting at the office

2. Telephone conversation

3. Skype call or other similar program.

Yes. Each person who has purchased any training package will receive an e-book where the assumptions of the Properly strategy are described.

Yes. Each person, regardless of what training package he buys, signs a contract with us. We require your first and last name, address and ID number. 

You will receive a code to your e-mail address that allows you to download the e-book after the funds are credited to our account. You will get ‘Forex for Smarters’. Our original e-book “Philosophy Properly”. You will find it in the KNOWLEDGE tab. 

Transfer is posted within 48 hours as a standard.  It all depends on the banks.

It’s important to enter in the transfer title: your name, surname and name of the package for which the payment is made.


Before starting trading, each trader must undergo a paid training and implementation period, which is to prepare the person for trading. Depending on the selection of the admission fee, they will receive other educational materials. 

The educational materials include:

 1. e-book

 2. access to a group with mentoring

 3. individual mentoring.

After reading the educational materials and completing the mentoring, the trader is required to pass the test of the acquired knowledge. After passing test, he chooses the strategy he wants to trade and the way he wants to place orders. 

If the trader passes the training stage and passes the knowledge test, he will start trading from the next month.

 The contract don’t expire.

We want to work with people who understand our philosophy and are aware of how strategies and the market work. We operate on a long-term basis. Every trader must be aware of it and understand all mechanisms. 

Before starting cooperation with us, every trader must first purchase a training package. You can choose from MINI, STANDARD, MAX packages.

The rules are simple. The trader chooses a strategy and trades according to the rules (automatically or manually). The contract may be terminated when the trader loses 20% of the capital provided.

The contract may be terminated when the trader loses 20% of the capital provided.

 The form of cooperation between a trader and a company is a contract of mandate.

The amount of capital to trade depends on the test result and the selected initial fee. Capital can be obtained from EUR 6,250 to EUR 25,000 at the beginning of cooperation. As your account balance increases, you can increase your capital.

One strategy may be assigned to one pool of shared capital. The amount of capital depends on the selected package. For example, if you want to use two strategies and two capital pools, you should choose 2x MINI instead of 1 STANDARD capital. Then different strategy will be assigned to each MINI capital.

No. The capital is owned by the company, not by the trader. The company is financially responsible for the losses generated on the account. The trader does not cover any costs.

Payments are made every 1% earned on the shared capital.

We divide the profits on each payout in the proportion of 75% for the trader and 25% for the company.

The money are paid out in Euro to the bank account indicated by the trader.